Monday, 31 October 2016

Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 2 (Viz Media and Chuang Yi)

Happy Halloween Everybody!

Believe me when I say I've been meaning to get back into doing these posts for months and several posts about other titles are half complete. However, it was always a struggle to complete them as it was often a series I wasn't very motivated to look into. Last week I decided I'd had enough of my own laziness. I thought to myself, What series am I motivated to compare and the answer hit me immediately. And here we are.

I have kept collecting and am currently only two volumes away from my Chuang Yi Fullmetal Alchemist collection being complete. So now I really have no excuses other then I'm lazy and can't keep a consistent schedule. However I still plan to do those other titles to mix things up.

Additional: Yes, I am aware of the Fruit's Basket Collector's Editions. I have bought the first omnibus so you can expect a do-over of that comparison in the future. I have also pre-ordered Yen Press's Twinkle Stars release for a future comparison with it's Chuang Yi counterpart.

Last Important Note: Because I don't own a copy of the Japanese volume nor a any knowledge of the language, I will not be comparing the English releases to the original Japanese. 

That's enough stalling, let us move on!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

My Thoughts on Kodansha USA's Sailor Moon release

Sailor Moon has been with me for a very long time and is very dear to my heart as a result. When I first saw the DIC English dub on Fox Kids during the early 2000's I found myself swept up in it's dramatic story about a princess seeking to defeat an ancient evil from the her past and reunite with her one true love. A truly powerful tale of love and devotion accompanied with cheesy music and talking cats. I should point out that the episode in which I entered the show was "Bad Hair Day" where Serena had already been revealed as the Moon Princess, way past the half way point of the first season. Sailor Moon disappeared off Fox kids UK after R had finished airing though they did tease the S season at one point, though sadly nothing came of it. This is where my childhood nostalgia ends as I never read Tokyopop's initial release of the original manga and didn't watch the S/Super S seasons until finding them on YouTube several years later. This quickly rekindled my love of the series despite hating how Cloverway had translated it. Unfortunately, by this time Tokyopop's release was long out of print so I was long out of luck.

The announcement of Kodansha's rerelease left me, like many others, giddy with excitement though I didn't find out about it until after the first volume had already been released. Flash forward over 2 years, all the books are out and what do I have to say?

Well...they were OK. Sadly that's my opinion. OK, not great. Now before you reach for your crossbow, I'm guessing you want the answer to one more question. I should point most of my problems were with Kodansha's handling of the translation. Having said that I don't think this release is all doom and gloom and would like talk about some things I do like about the series re-release.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Apologies and the Loss of Chuang Yi

My Apologies To Anyone Who Reads This Blog

I am very sorry for this delay and do my best not to let it happen again. I'm really embarrassed it has taken me so long to get this out.

So what are my excuses? Procrastination mainly.

My next post was going to about Chuang Yi's "Vampire Knight", but to be honest my feelings towards this series as a whole are lukewarm at best so the motivation just wasn't there at the best of times. It was a chore to read and a chore to write about.  Several months passed before I could borrow the Viz edition out of the library. What I should have done is switch to another book. I moved house in January too to be closer to work.

None of these are valid excuses, but I hope you can forgive me. Vampire Knight will come out at some point, but for July I have other plans, which I will detail below.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Volume 1 Comparison (Del Rey and Chuang Yi)

Today, I give you an overview of the differences between Chuang Yi and Del Rey releases of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle volume 1. The tale of the ongoing struggle of one boy and the measures he was forced to resort to in order to restore his childhood friend's memories. Teaming up with a foul mouthed swordsman and a easy going sorcerer, he travels through the different parallel worlds looking for these memories all the while knowing his friend will never remember the bond they once shared due to the price he paid to save her.'s the anime equilvelant of "Sliders"! 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 1 Comparison (Viz Media and Chuang Yi)

"Alchemy: the science of understanding, deconstructing, and reconstructing matter. However, it is not an all-powerful art; it is impossible to create something out of nothing. If one wishes to obtain something, something of equal value must be given. This is the Law of Equivalent Exchange, the basis of all alchemy. In accordance with this law, there is a taboo among alchemists: human transmutation is strictly forbidden - for what could equal the value of a human soul...?"   (Narrator, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)
The answer is a right arm! It says so in the FIRST VOLUME!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Fruits Basket Volume 1 Comparison (Tokyopop and Chuang Yi)

Chuang Yi
Alethea and Athena Nibley
Shiroi T. Omo
Jake Forbes
Low Sin Lu

You can't delve very deeply into the world of shoujo manga without having heard the title 'Fruits Basket'. The story of orphan, Tohru Honda, whose optimistic nature is tested who, upon meeting the Souma family, is thrust headfirst into the world of the supernatural. After getting to know them and learning of the tragic curse that has befallen them for generations; she resolves to break the curse and end their suffering. Cuddly animals, goofy hijinks and romantic subplots ensue. 

I first read fruits basket through my local library and gradually fell in love with the complex character relationships that drove the plot forward. Being considered one of the most famous shoujo, it seemed an appropriate place to begin with Chuang Yi releases.

Friday, 6 September 2013


Greetings to all manga fans, otaku, wherever you may be!

Let me begin by thanking anyone and everyone who reads this as this is my first blog and am still unsure of the inns and outs of writing one of these. The story of my love of anime and manga goes back to when I was, but 10 years of age. It was long ago, in times of old, when saying you liked Pokemon was actually acceptable and even prompted praise. 

Anyone else remember those times?!

My life began in merry old England, among the cobblestone streets and thatched cottages...oh, who am I kidding?! I was born in the city port of Southampton. Still England though! I didn't make that up!  I spent most of my happy childhood there before my Dad's job sent us abroad for a number of years (Switzerland and Thailand). Story for another time though. Back to the anime.